“With a name like Darkbird, you sure as Hell better give me some dark, brooding tales of doomed romance with a somewhat hovering scent of black nail polish in the air or, if you must, at least some eyeliner-wearing synths with a minor degree in spooking old folks at the mall”
— Louis Fowler - RED DIRT REPORT
“This band has captivating energy. It’s loud and grabbing, but it’s Kelly Barnes that really holds your attention during the performance. Her connectivity to the lyrics makes it deeply personal. And she performs with a little attitude and a little edge, which fits them very well”
— Matt Jaine - TIP COW
“Darkbird deliver a delicious bass that melts like a dark chocolate over the steaming water of the synths accompanied by gilded guitar as the percussion deepens the resolution and the audience is left in becalmed wonderment”
“The band gave the audience a rousing show that focused attention on the mixed emotions and encompassing vocals of Barnes, a true star in the making. Never did it sound like components were fighting for attention, everything blended smoothly and all members added something refreshing to an inspired, throwback sound”
— Luis Gonzales - MUSIC CONNECTION

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